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by Darren Smith

( Re-posted since host listed site was “Temporarily Suspended” )

I am sickened at the state of this country and truly sad that it’s at a point of no return. The tide has turned and those who seek justice and righteousness are no longer the majority. Now we are at the time to confess that we let America and what she stands for slowly slip away while we sought after comfort and prosperity and self-fulfillment.

Our land has become a place of greed and self-promotion, shallow and spiritless. I know as soon as I send this out many will say to “remove me from your list” or call me unpatriotic, but I’m beyond the point of restraint and holding back words because they are controversial and offensive. Political correctness means nothing to me and I will not be quiet any longer.

Isaiah 5 is a perfect picture of America today – a nation that lost its soul. We need to admit where we are and what we have become and quit walking in step with the false notion that we are a “just nation”. I want to start with the gay issue that dominates our media today. The very fact that you can’t say that being gay is against God’s Word is ridiculous, but now as a nation we call – in fact we promote homosexual activity – call it good. Woe unto a nation that calls evil good!

I don’t hate homosexuals at all. In fact we reach out to them with Christ, but I cannot condone their behavior and I will never call it good when God says it is wrong! Let’s move on down the list of indictments.

Abortion is considered birth control, not murder. Again – our nation calls it good for women to be able to choose whether to have a child or to kill it. The argument is that a woman should have a right to have control over her own body. But the very reason they use is faulty at the core. If a woman has a right to choose what she does with her own body then why does this nation’s laws have her arrested for being a prostitute? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying prostitution is not wrong, but if you are going to hold the position that a woman has the right to control her body, then be consistent with what you believe.

The sad truth is that abortion is a several billion dollar industry that has bought our leaders and they have spent billions spreading lies with their partners in the media to numb your minds. Abortion is murder, cut and dry, and its effect on devaluing human life cannot be reversed. I have met and prayed with scores of women that themselves were victims of abortion. I have never met one that was glad they chose to abort, yet as a nation we call abortion good. Woe unto a nation that calls evil good!

We still say that we are a chosen nation, even though we have the highest rates of drug use in the world, the highest alcohol abuse rates in the world, and the highest crime rates. Do you realize that you are more likely to be killed in Chicago and many other major cities than you are in a war zone?

What we are seeing is the breakdown of society playing out before our eyes. The cheapening of life and the increase of people with no compassion for others multiply at a mind blowing rate. Why? Because we call evil good and woe is befalling us as we speak. Yet we as a people are too busy seeking comfort and entertainment to open our eyes. We are far more concerned with sharing our opinion on Facebook, while we post selfies and try to make our life look interesting to others.

How did we ever come to a point where selfie could ever become a word – much less an action – we take pride in? Jesus tells us to be selfless and not to promote our self with things. People should find us interesting, if we belong to Christ, because of our love and our actions. We are at a point in our land where you can’t hold a conversation with a person because they can’t look at you for looking at their phone.

We celebrate bad behavior by making people famous and wealthy because we like to watch their bad behavior on TV to entertain ourselves in a righteous land. Could the Kardashions or Pdiddy or any others of the hosts be a role model? Would Jerry Springer or any of the other freakshows get any airplay?… Woe unto a nation that calls evil good!

We celebrate greed in our nation by our fascination with the wealthy. Would you trust Donald Trump with your kids? We give the greedy a prominent position in society because of what they have and because we are jealous and want or even think we deserve to have it too.

We have gone so far that we have modeled our churches after the world and the world’s business plan – the bigger, the better, the more comfortable, the more holy we are. But truth can’t be found in this model, nor can courage, just more entertainment. We even treat the rich better than others so we can gain from them. Jesus said in Luke that you cannot measure a man by the abundance of his possessions. But we still do.

As a nation, we try to tell the rest of the world how to act when we are a total mess ourselves. We even export our greed as well as our false doctrines to anyone who will listen. I will close with this last point. If God’s people would stand for truth and justice, no matter what the personal cost, we would make a difference. If men who say they are called to preach would preach truth instead of feel-good humanism and prosperity, a fire would ignite that could not be contained.

What has brought us to this point is conforming to the world instead of conforming to Christ. There is no difference in the modern church and the world. They are one in the same. The modern church just feels better about itself after hearing the motivational speech and the upbeat music a couple times a week. A real preacher – preaching and living the Gospel – will cause a stir every time he speaks, instead of not rocking the comfortable boat he is cruising in.

I really don’t care if you think I’m too radical or that I’m unpatriotic. I cannot yield to this false system any longer. I will not defend the actions of a nation and government that has turned its back on God, nor will I defend a church system that has done the same. I’m looking for people who feel the same way and are willing to stand, take action and live the Gospel. We can’t wait any longer to act but nothing good comes without a fight. We need to network together and make a difference.


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