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To discern America in scripture, it helps to distinguish certain specifics regarding the main players mentioned in Revelation chapter 13-19. While we might not be able to distinguish absolutely the identities of all of them, concerning specifically who they are, we can still establish some very definite conclusions from Biblical references made regarding their particulars. I would like to say up front that this is a topic that has always seemed to be part of the focus of my walk with Christ for almost a quarter of a century. Perhaps it has to do with what the Lord impressed upon me long ago, events I addressed in another article I wrote titled, “I doubt many will believe it, though a man declares it unto you.

The thoughts I will share here and in the next few articles are the results of years of reflection, which with much prayer was rewarded with measurable clarity as I patiently sought to know and understand these end time events and players. At times it has unsettled me, leaving me obligated to make specific adjustments in my life and commitments. It may very well require adjustments of some of you as well, or even provoke you to anger.  For sadly, sharing these convictions have more than once provoked even some of my own family members and friends to anger over the implications.

To start, I would like to say that my thoughts are very different from those who unquestioningly adopted the perspective of the admittedly fictional “Left Behind” series, which very popular even among non-Christians. It was astonishing, even making news headlines as the public impatiently waited for their next release, eager to ingest each of the “16 best-selling novels” by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. Sadly, to me that fact alone seems only to affirm the truth spoken under unction of the Holy Spirit that in the latter times men would not be able to endure sound doctrine. But instead they would swallow the mere fables of men as if it were the truth of God, fables which only serve instead to promote the doctrines of devils. I still chuckle to myself when I remember a comment I once overheard someone make about Moses’ strong appearance . . . because they had seen Charlton Heston in the movie The Ten Commandments.

Before I get too deep into these things in Revelation, I want to submit a couple of thoughts for everyone’s prayerful consideration. First, it is not my conviction that there will ever be a realization of a unified one world government under one leader which many today would call the “antichrist.” I know I probably lost a lot of readers right there. But please note, I am not saying that I fail to see such a Luciferian globalist plan in the works; I just don’t see God permitting it to reach the fruition the globalists intend.

If you bear with me through this post, I will attempt to establish a few points along the way that may offer some support to my position. That does not mean my position is unshakable, it may very well be nothing more than a three-legged table, if that. However, if some of these points do in fact have any credibility, then regardless what you have always believed or been taught by whoever, scripture would obligate you to prove all things that you may hold fast to that which is in fact good and solid. (more…)

Learning to be thankful often takes us through things that seem so contrary to us and God’s will. Nevertheless, He who sees the end from the beginning is worthy of not only our thanksgiving but our trust as well. Not that God is in any way the author of all the ill fortunes that befall mankind, for man’s sin alone is the catalyst that hastens the inescapable consequence of a hostile, polluted and toxic world that of itself can only compound such calamities. But God is ever working to show us that He is great and able to use even the worst of our life’s adversities to bring divine healing to our spirit, soul and body, if we will but only trust Him and lean not to our own understanding.

How many times have we trusted in what seemed absolutely right in our own eyes and gave unwarranted confidence to the arm of the flesh only to be disappointed. God alone is able to work all things together for the good in our lives. But the promise is made to those that love Him; those who place their trust in Him who sees beyond the moment and can lead them safely through even the valley of the Shadow of Death on a path of righteousness to the fulfillment of His own purposes for us. When all seems to be intended for your destruction, remember He who can work it for your eternal good. So today, and every day, give thanks unto the Lord for He is worthy of our praise.

That all said, I would like to share a Thanksgiving message from a precious brother in Israel –


Be thankful — in the end God will work it out!
Thursday, November 22, 2012 – by George Whitten, Editor of Worthy Devotions

Psalm 100:4 Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, And into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name.

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Most of you know the story an Indian named Squanto and his first thanksgiving celebration with the Pilgrims. However, you might not know that over a decade before the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, English traders were trading with the Indians throughout the region. Squanto’s amazing story really originated then.

An Englishman named Captain Hunter had kidnapped several Indians and sold them into slavery, one of whom was Squanto, sold into slavery in Malaga, Spain. There, Squanto was bought by a Spanish monk, who treated him well, freed him from slavery, and taught him about Christianity. Eventually, Squanto made it back to England, and worked in the stables of a man named John Slaney. It was there that Squanto learned English.

Upon Squanto’s return home in 1618, he learned that his tribe had been wiped out from an epidemic, probably smallpox brought by early English colonists. As you might imagine, he was devastated and couldn’t understand how God could allow this to happen.

Shortly afterward, a friend named Samoset introduced him to the Pilgrims. Because of Squanto’s history and understanding of English, Squanto was able to communicate with them. He also taught them how to survive there, how to fish, hunt, and how to plant corn. As a result, Governor William Bradford asked him to serve as his ambassador to the Indian tribes. Bradford accredited Squanto for the survival of the Pilgrim colony and saw that without God’s providential hand in providing Squanto — the colony would not have survived.

When I first heard the story of Squanto, it reminded me of the story of Joseph and the providence of God, even in the worst of situations. Joseph was sold into slavery, thrown into prison, accused and abused…. but all of these things were worked out for the purpose of saving the Jewish people. The story of the survival of the Plymouth colony rested on an Indian who was kidnapped, sold into slavery, returned home to see his tribe wiped out, and yet through these events was used by God to preserve the Pilgrims who came to America with this purpose, “for the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian faith”. (Mayflower Compact, November 11, 1620)

We have so much to be thankful for this thanksgiving season – even despite the tough times in which we live. In Israel, we’re thankful there’s a lull so that we can celebrate thanksgiving without the noise of sirens sounding. While times are hard, we’re thankful to be alive for such a time as this! So we’re entering His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise today, knowing that our God is providentially in control of everything that is going on around us. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends in the States — we’re celebrating with you in the Negev!

Live for the King!!

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Don’t settle for weak faith!!

11-9-2012 Coffee House message taken from Romans 14 and Colossians 1

Paul addressed in Romans 14 some as being “weak in faith,” which we must recognize as being in contrast to those who actually possessed the faith which comes from an unmodified or polluted hearing of God’s Word. Such faith is the reward given only to hearts that are diligently seeking to hear from God’s Spirit and such hearts are then required to walk the path to obtain a true and growing understanding of God’s will. (Surely I need not expound on the error of those with double mindedness, or such as have eyes that are not singled towards Jesus Christ our King.)

Having said all that, I feel I must address the natural tendency of people when hearing such words immediately assume I am contrasting myself with the “weak in faith” and making bold claims of personal insight and clear understanding of God’s will, however that is not my claim or point, and to try to refute with many words is simply a waste of time to all.

Nonetheless, according to Paul’s word, there are those who are accepted in the Lord even though they are “weak in faith” which is evident by their actions being limited in areas of consumption or by their energy or focus being given to a specific day or time. Paul counters such with those who have what I would call an effective faith, (for the Holy Spirit did not compel Paul to contrast the “weak in faith” with the strong in faith). It should be evident to all that those with an effective faith are those who are having ears to hear and are consequently walking by the Spirit untangled from the affairs of this world and effectively laboring for the gory and Kingdom of God. (more…)

Was it what we needed? or what we deserved?

God always gives the people leaders according to their hearts, whether they are humble and seeking God’s glory or arrogantly promoting the lies of humanism, man first.

To the humble and thirsty for righteousness, God always gives them the leaders they NEED that will allow them the liberty from oppressive rule to seek and serve their God. For the latter, arrogant humanistic sort who selfishly seeks the glory of man over the glory of God, God gives them the leader they DESERVE.

Now please do not misunderstand me and think that I feel that Mitt Romney was what America would have needed if we were truly a God seeking people . . . God would have provided one who in truth knew the Light that they may truly see to clearly guide us in the Light, one who had “ears to hear” what God’s Holy Spirit would be speaking to those wanting to listen.

Those who voted for Romney obviously voted contrary to the wisdom and judgment of God for America. Think about that all you believers who so voted . . . you and God voted contrary to each other . . . Morality is not righteousness, goodness is not godliness. We are called to be holy, without which none are going to see God on favorable terms. We cannot compromise faith by looking to the arm of the flesh.

America truly deserves Barrack Hussein Obama.