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Revelation 18:4 – And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. 5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.

Christians are called to be a distinct people, who though living in the world are still separate from it, not succumbing to its various social norms and economic ambitions. Furthermore, Christians are supposed to be spiritually alive and discerning and thus withdrawn from the vain and dead “camp” of religiosity; be it antinomian or legalistic in nature. Still, even apart from all the other religious systems in the world, the Christian pendulum of faith will often be found ignoring the holy plumbline of God’s righteousness and swinging to the extremes of warring dogmas. On one side some are defiantly holding to an effortless believism of mere mental assent to justification, while the other extreme demands a strict adherence to distorted biblical regulations compounded by embellished definitions of self-denial and legalism.

That’s the problem with “-ism’s,” regardless to which side of center the pendulum swings, they all ignore the “legality” of the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus that sets men free from the law of sin and death. God’s law has never been and never will be against faith, for even faith has a legal side to it or else there could be no “law of faith.” (more…)

Moved to Costa Rica

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Shared Thoughts

Being persuaded through multiple avenues that it was the leading of the Lord, I recently moved to Costa Rica. He is faithful to order our steps, as it says in scripture, “The steps of a good man are order of the Lord.” Therefore, I will be sharing the 11th chapter of my book The Eighth Beast in a day or two, “Come out from among her My people.”

My youngest son and I made the trip here 11/6 on a Friday afternoon. It was a hard trip for both of us, as well as for my wife who stayed stateside for now and had to see us off. My other two sons have stayed in the States with my wife, who made a promise to her mother long ago that she would take care of her and never leave her. Even though my mother-in-law herself fled Cuba 54 years ago, and had previously said she would leave with us, at this point she says she doesn’t want to leave, or even consider moving, stating that she is too old now; and so goes the trying of the believer’s faith.
Nevertheless, regardless of anything and everyone, I must be obedient to the Lord’s leading, for otherwise how could I have credibility or personal standing from which to speak concerning this hard matter of coming out of America to others? It is my earnest prayer that, like Christ, I too have simply gone ahead of my wife to prepare a place for her, that where I am she too can be with me.

Though this has been a definite trying of our faiths, my wife has remained very supportive and understanding, though in truth this has been by far the hardest thing for us both to do. Our hearts ache for each other with frequent tears. Though we absolutely loved our house which we agreed to sell in the states, as well as our jobs, and shared the prospect of within a year or two of being able to cut back and perhaps even partly retire, we both know that all that now has become just part of an American illusion and not a dream ever to be realized. For it is clear that “Babylon has fallen and become a habitation of devils, a hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful birds,” and her judgment is imminent.

Originally, I had written the jest of The Eighth Beast primarily for my own family and some close friends. Much of it had existed already in various other outlines and formats due to decades of research and study. But being compelled by a sense of lateness in the hour of the Lord’s return,  I put it all together for an exhaustive study on America with several other points that were addressed in the book in order to go over it all with my family in a progressive teaching format.

When some local friends heard I was going to do it, they wanted to be included. So, we ended up doing 3-4 hour-long meetings 4 weeks in a row. Afterwards it was concluded that perhaps a book was in order that it all might be shared with others.

After writing the book  and holding the first copy in my hand, I felt strongly that the Lord wanted me to place a book into the hands of a particular person. Because he lived in Philadelphia, I figured would just have to drive there from Florida in order to do so. But after I received the first printing then I heard they were going to be attending a prophecy conference in Orlando within two weeks so I thought, great, I’ll just go to the conference and was sure the opportunity to place a copy into his hands would arise.

My son, a friend and I bought tickets and booked a room for three days and went early the first day in order to familiarize ourselves with the complex. To my pleasant surprise, at the last table in the row of many which had been set up for the 26 speakers, there he was standing there speaking to someone and I thought, “Great. I am going to be able to place a copy in his hands even before the conference even starts. He graciously received it and assured me that he would not only read it, but that he would read it twice and get back with me, which sadly he has not done so to date. However, I was only led to place it in his hands, and I was obedient to do just that. What he says and does is between him and the Lord.

Sadly, the conference was a testimony to many of the things written in my book as there was an incredible amount of diversity (or simply put, confusion) in the current prophetic speculation being given. If they were all grouped into schools of thought, there would have been at least half as many groups as there was teachers. It was saturated with endless “might be… could be… it is likely… possibly might mean…” Blah, blah, blah. All of them selling their books and wares to hundreds of eager consumers of such endless prophetic speculation. Of course, some might say the same of my book, however I have only given mine away. I haven’t sold any except a few to some men at a Saturday Prayer Breakfast I attended: for I told them they should gladly pay my cost so I could give books to others. It is however available on Kindle for the cheapest they require that others might obtain a copy.

While in The Eighth Beast I earnestly tried to stick to clear scriptural contexts of thought and provable history. Many of those “teachers” and authors that were at the conference, and many others out there nowadays, are referencing ancient myths, heathen artifacts, and other pagan believisms as confirmations to their theories concerning biblical endtime prophecies. Why anyone would want to interpret “the sure word of prophecy” in light of such nonsense clearly promoted by the father of lies (of which scripture affirms the truth is not in) absolutely confounds me. We must prove all things by the light of scripture and never attempt to interpret scripture by the light of darkness.

However, after giving the book to this individual at the conference, I looked for a place to sit because of a bad knee I have which stiffens up if I stand too long it. There were 2 tables with 4 chairs designated for a speaker who hadn’t arrived yet and with a woman sitting behind one. I went over and asked if it was OK if I sat down and she said sure, that’s all she was doing as well. She then introduced herself as Regina and mentioned that she was in from Costa Rica. I then asked her if she happen to know a Dr. John Price who had also moved to Costa Rica a few years ago. John was the author of The End of America, a book written 6-7 years ago about the judgment coming on America and the need to “Come out from among her My people.” Regina said that she did in fact know John and so I asked her if she would be willing to give him a copy for me. She said yes, and so I gave her 2, one for him and her for doing so. We chatted a few more minutes before we both got up and went our separate ways. BTW, John Price did read my book and got back with me expressing he “wished every American Christian would read it” and that Chapter 18 “was terrific and incredible.” Well, I guess he has as much right to express his opinion as others…

Three days later after enduring a shameful amount of confusion being promoted at the conference, my son Jesse, Brother Harry and myself had enough. However, this individual was scheduled to be one of the last speakers which we wanted to hear before we left. But we had 3 hours to kill before then, so we just meandered all over this huge complex looking around. After a while I saw a place to sit and we sat down. Reflecting on everything I then mentioned how “we haven’t seen that lady again we first met.” My son asked, “You mean Regina?” And I said yes, that’s her name.” He stood up and said “She’s right there…” and walked away behind me because I was sitting against a wall. The way he said it I actually thought he was kidding me, but he came back around the corner with her.

She sat down and joined us and we spoke again for about 30-40 minutes before we all got up to go to the last meeting together. At that time, she shared with us all how she felt God had given her dreams very vivid dreams about God’s judgment coming to America and how she had been led to Costa Rica a few years prior. Because my friend had been looking into moving to possibly Panama, Costa Rica or elsewhere, I spoke up and asked if she’d be willing to host him and his wife and show them around if they wanted to go check Costa Rica out. She paused briefly and then said sure and so they exchanged email addresses and we all went on our ways.

About 6-7 weeks later my friend and his wife stops by my house and stated they wanted my wife and me to go with them to Costa Rica since my wife is fluent in Spanish. We eagerly accepted and in a few more weeks we were all in Costa Rica. Regina met us at the airport and then took us back to her place. It was only then, after we had gotten there that we all really found out how much we were on the same page with end time prophecy and America’s imminent judgment and the need to “Come out from among her.” After a week of fellowship and being able to share with several others who regularly meet at her house, it was evident God had orchestrated everything as only He could so as to order our steps aright that we might know His will and have a confirmation of His sovereignty in the matter.

Up to that point I had been praying earnestly for years on how it would be that I would be able to have my family “Come out” because there were multiple issues that needed to be addressed and I desperately required divine guidance in order to do so. The end of the matter is God has been faithful in multiple areas to meet many of those issues and enable us to do so, as I am currently in Costa Rica with 2 of my boys.

So since my arrival the Lord has given me days filled with prayer, rest and worship, and God has also been gracious to strengthen me in my heartache of temporarily being separated from my wife and my other 2 boys. Though we text often throughout the day and Skype in the evening, it is bitter-sweet as it is hard to see the pain of separation in each others face, so we covet all prayers.

I must admit that Costa Rica is indeed a very beautiful place, but it is void of much of the creature comforts and conveniences that have worked to make many American believers lazy in their prayers and left them guilty of taking for granted the Lord’s faithfulness to supply all their needs while they grow fatter chasing after their endless wants. Here however, the people are content with little and thankful for their daily needs are being met. For the most part they are a patient and very gracious people. May the Lord open doors of opportunity to labor for His name’s sake.

Stay Blessable and Live for the King!!