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Written by Sister Rhonda…

The bible is full of stories of divine appointments, and not just happening through the big guys like Moses and Elijah and Paul. No, God can and does use ordinary people like me and you for extraordinary purposes. Look at when Jesus sent the two disciples to get the donkey for him to ride into Jerusalem. Can you imagine someone out of the blue coming up to you and asking for your car? Just like that? He told them to say that the Lord has need of it. Simple. This man handed them the reins to the donkey that would carry Jesus through the crowd, as they laid out palms and cried “Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord.” Go and do, or stay and give.

Divine appointments come in different ways, for different purposes. One of the things a divine appointment does is to right a wrong. Look at Esther. When Mordecai heard that all the jews were to be killed, he went to Esther for help. He asked her to go to the king to influence him. Esther didn’t do this right away. She considered the danger and sent word to Mordecai tht to appear unannounced before the king meant death. Mordecai answered that if she did nothing she would perish anyway along with her kinfolk. He said a line that moves me everytime I say it or hear it. “For such a time as this.


That’s what God’s word tells us.  But many today aren’t “fleeing” from it, rather they are for all intents and purposes running madly to it. For some insane reason people are literally racing to expose and open themselves up to everything and anything sexual, as if somehow it is going to be the answer to their loneliness or boredom or their oppressive sense of rejection and insignificance. It has become so maddening that even some so called friends frequently engage in sexual immorality and openly make and accept challenges to do the most profane things with as many partners to see who can outperform the other. This is not only madness; this is as close as a society can get to mass suicide. Yes, you read it right, mass suicide.

Perhaps it is because people are just so willfully ignorant of God’s word or so insecure having grown up in such a self-centered generation where almost everyone seems infatuated with seeking their own gratification at the expense of whoever and/or whatever. The thought of it almost no longer shocks some people that there are those who are literally drugging their supposed “dates” and then raping them and then allowing others to rape them as well. These human beasts are literally doing this openly amongst their select group of perverted friends in a celebratory fashion. Packs of humanity who outwardly look like everyone else while actively preying sexually on others, and we’re not even off the subject of “straight sex!” All the while there are others in more acceptable positions that have established themselves as “respectable” in the community who are so slavishly engrossed in their own sexual decadence that they cannot but run to every opportunity of fornication regardless the risk to their families and careers . . . all for a moment of unbridled indulgence that promises only to send their world crashing to the ground all around them while the whole world sees and continues to be none the wiser. Do you really think these people started off this enslaved and wicked?

If this is touching you then please listen, God’s word tells us as plainly as it can, “Can a man carry fire in his bosom and his clothes not be burned? Or can one walk upon hot coals and his feet not be scorched? So is he who goes in to his neighbor’s wife; none who touches her will go unpunished.” Man cannot indulge in sexual sins and not do serious harm to his own self, physically (STD’s), emotionally and spiritually.