Trips to the Tomb / Good Friday

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Devotionals, Study!, Uncategorized, Wake Up!
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For centuries there has been much confusion when people try and reason the different accounts of Jesus’ resurrection as recorded by the apostles. The fact that they all seem to have a different story to tell does not help. Perhaps, a good way to consider their seemingly different reports is to view them like transparent overlays, similar to the one’s we have seen in books showing the skeleton, then the nerves and blood vessels, organs, muscular and finally the skin and hair.

The Gospels, similarly, are each reporting different events which had taken place around a major singular occurrence, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The fact is that these different events are recorded in God’s word and are therefore true. Perhaps the answer to the confusion is to consider that there were multiple trips made to the tomb.

The best way to determine the possible order of these Trips to the Tomb is to consider the different details that have been given about the time of day and light of the sun. Was the sun going down or coming up? These questions are actually quite easy to answer. However, we must remember that the Sabbath, like all the other biblical days, began and ended with sundown.

I would like to give acknowledgement to a brother Harry Miller who has gone to be with the Lord. Many years ago I read a tract he had written a tract entitled Three Days and Three Nights in which he mentioned there had to be multiple trips to the tomb. It was upon his prayerful studies and insight that I was motivated to search the scriptures  that I might further understand these things and have therefore sought to put these things down to share with others. Therefore I am humbled and thankful to be able to continue in sharing these things with fellow seekers. Nevertheless, while I rejoice in the benefits I have enjoyed from other men’s prayer and labors, true blessing become tangible when we diligently seek the truths of God for ourselves in His word. There are no promises made to the half-hearted seeker of God, be diligent therefore, be studious and seek God while He may be found.


  1. Charles Furgeson says:

    this is the best explanation i have heard. thank you.


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