[ Hurricane ] Isaac and the Promise

Posted: August 27, 2012 in End Times


This video by Brother George Whitten was very timely and worth the watch. Brother George lives in Israel and is the founder of  Worthy News  where he daily posts several articles he’s read from world news sources that he feels are relative to God’s plans, His people and the perilous times in which we live today. George also has provided Worthy Christian Forums where many Christians go to openly reason various aspect of faith, theology and eschatology.

Now, seven years after the USA manipulated Aaron Sharon into sending the Israeli Defense Force into Gaza forcing Israeli citizens out of their homes and then bulldozing their house to rubbish, with God then sending Katrina to Condalisa Rice’s home town forcing the National Guard to evacuate New Orleans . . . we see Isaac heading back just in time for their celebration of Southern Decadence.

It just gets more and more credible for the Kingdom of God doesn’t it?


The following links are worth review –

From Watch.org –


Isaac heads towards gulf oil wells –


Two State Republican position –


Link posted for verification regarding Hurricane expected to disrupt Southern Decadance –




Live for the King!


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