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Was it what we needed? or what we deserved?

God always gives the people leaders according to their hearts, whether they are humble and seeking God’s glory or arrogantly promoting the lies of humanism, man first.

To the humble and thirsty for righteousness, God always gives them the leaders they NEED that will allow them the liberty from oppressive rule to seek and serve their God. For the latter, arrogant humanistic sort who selfishly seeks the glory of man over the glory of God, God gives them the leader they DESERVE.

Now please do not misunderstand me and think that I feel that Mitt Romney was what America would have needed if we were truly a God seeking people . . . God would have provided one who in truth knew the Light that they may truly see to clearly guide us in the Light, one who had “ears to hear” what God’s Holy Spirit would be speaking to those wanting to listen.

Those who voted for Romney obviously voted contrary to the wisdom and judgment of God for America. Think about that all you believers who so voted . . . you and God voted contrary to each other . . . Morality is not righteousness, goodness is not godliness. We are called to be holy, without which none are going to see God on favorable terms. We cannot compromise faith by looking to the arm of the flesh.

America truly deserves Barrack Hussein Obama.

I was recently asked to share my thoughts on the subject of predestination with some local brothers. Because some could not attend it was requested that it be made a available, so here is a link to it. Sorry if the volume is low. This is by no means a thorough examination of these theories and was conducted pretty much off the cuff since I did not know before hand the questions or which scriptures they would be wanting to examine. Feel free to submit any questions and I will try to respond in a reasonable amount of time.

Men’s meeting – Topic – Predestination

Live for the King!