Posted: December 22, 2013 in Shared Thoughts

May the Lord continue to strengthen and bless our Brother Carlos in his laborious love for Christ, His body, and those that need to know Him as Savior. May the Lord continue to share His heart with yours Brother Carlos and keep you in His peace.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is it ending there is no way to keep up and running ? frank


  2. Nancy wisdom says:

    Bill, are you hearing this same in time message at church? Your church.


    • William E. Males says:

      Hello Nancy,

      I need you to be more specific about the message in question. I hope you are doing well btw :)



    • Nancy wisdom says:

      Hi Bill, forgot to ask how you were doing? But after reading the last post that eluded to the possibility of the fall of the United States occurring in 2015? I was wondering if Pastor Richard was preaching the same? I read from the linked page to your gates of the city posts a couple of days ago. Unfortunately I have not been reading every single posting, So the one I read two days ago was a bit of a shock.

      I attend the assembly of God (Calvary Pentecostal church) in Madison Maine, a very small town north of Waterville Maine. My pastor, Tim Haynes said something about the church going in a new direction, A week ago. He has not said much more, but maybe after the first of the year he will let us know what he meant by a new direction?


      • William E. Males says:

        Hello Sister Nancy,

        Sorry for the delayed reply. Concerning your inquiry as to how I am doing, still persevering and doing fine I reckon.

        I haven’t been attending Pastor Hart’s church for several weeks now due to issues not yet for public disclosure, I would simply ask you prayers that God’s will be done regarding that.

        Regarding America, I am thankful for the longsuffering of God towards this land, but fear judgment is imminent concerning our harsh dealings with Israel and our aggressive seeking to force a divide upon the covenant land given to Abraham descendants. I do have a series of articles under the “America” heading above and have been looking for time to write one about America going into captivity prior to her destruction, but it seems difficult to get the quality focus time necessary to give myself to it. I would be interested in what this “new direction” was your pastor was alluding to.

        Stay blessable,



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