Does it look like America has repented since 2012?

Posted: February 28, 2016 in America, End Times, Wake Up!
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I believe this is even more timely today than it was back in 2012
I am truly interested in everyone sharing their thoughts...


The Lord amazing worked things out to slip me into My People Pray 2012 event as the final speaker. It was truly a God thing, as it was arranged without my knowledge and simply needed my approval afterwards.

I was led about a month ago to go to the seat of America and to pray for our country and therefore sought out any possible prayer events in Washington DC, and there scheduled was My People Pray 2012.

As time drew closer I had some brothers in the Lord who wanted to go as well, and the day before we leave one contacted the organizers to see if he could volunteer to assist in anyway. The moderator called him when she heard we were coming from Florida and during the conversation mentioned that 15 of the 16 slots for topical prayer were filled, but the final spot concerning the coming of the Kingdom had not. My brother then suggested that they consider me.

Before leaving for Washington DC, as I was taking care of last minute business, my friend calls me to tell me that everything’s taking care of and that I was going to be closing speaker and began to explain to me what took place. Immediately I stated that I wasn’t sure about it and that I simply felt a need to go and pray for the America, that I wasn’t prepared for such. But after a few moments of prayer I felt as if the Lord admonished me, “Did not I put this on your heart? Do not I direct your steps?” So in obedience to the Lord I went in . . .

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