Duties of Fellowship

Posted: April 10, 2021 in Shared Thoughts

The book, originally titled by John Owen as “Eshcol,” has before been presented under the title of “Duties of Christian Fellowship.” Yet once again, it is being presented under the same title, as it was designed to present the whole Christian family those sound scriptural precepts from God’s word , or “rules” as Owen’s refers to them, on the subject of ecclesiastical fellowship and discipline.

The first part contains seven rules, which address the duties of members of a church towards their pastor. In the second part there are fifteen rules presented to the people of God on their duties to one another. It is of such a nature as to be applicable and useful under any form of ecclesiastical polity or denomination; as each rule is established from a body of evidence taken from Scripture, and followed with a general explanation attended by reasonable motives whereby the people of God ought to so live thereby.

The fact that there exist several editions of Owen’s “Eshcol” under many formats,  one cannot but wonder at its favorable reception with the religious public. Truly, it is a remark­able work of Owen which reveals his deep piety and sound judgment, which is presented to the reader in a simple rational arrangement, supported by a comprehensive knowledge of Scripture. Unquestionably, due to its sound foundation from God’s word, “Duties of Christian Fellowship” constructs a much-needed manual on church-fellowship, which to this day has yet to be surpassed.

This book written by John Owen, has so blessed me, that I edited it and attached the scriptures reference herein for the convenience of those who have a desire to help their church grow scripturally, and would also like to learn how to minister to each other effectually to the glory of their Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Simply click here to go to the book.

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