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Written by Sister Rhonda…

The bible is full of stories of divine appointments, and not just happening through the big guys like Moses and Elijah and Paul. No, God can and does use ordinary people like me and you for extraordinary purposes. Look at when Jesus sent the two disciples to get the donkey for him to ride into Jerusalem. Can you imagine someone out of the blue coming up to you and asking for your car? Just like that? He told them to say that the Lord has need of it. Simple. This man handed them the reins to the donkey that would carry Jesus through the crowd, as they laid out palms and cried “Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord.” Go and do, or stay and give.

Divine appointments come in different ways, for different purposes. One of the things a divine appointment does is to right a wrong. Look at Esther. When Mordecai heard that all the jews were to be killed, he went to Esther for help. He asked her to go to the king to influence him. Esther didn’t do this right away. She considered the danger and sent word to Mordecai tht to appear unannounced before the king meant death. Mordecai answered that if she did nothing she would perish anyway along with her kinfolk. He said a line that moves me everytime I say it or hear it. “For such a time as this.


It has been said by some that “the God of the Old Testament was an angry God.” Now that creates a need for clarity because God never changes. That He is the same yesterday, today and forever is in fact the teaching of scriptures, but they also state that God is indeed angry with the wicked everyday (Psm 7:11), because they have made themselves to be His enemies. His word also clearly tells us that to become friends with world is to willfully engage in war with Him.