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 As far as I am aware, the KJV is the only translation which has “Easter” mentioned in Acts 12:4. The Greek word “Pascha” which was translated “Easter” is used a total of 27 times in the New Testament, 26 times being properly translated “Passover.” Why in Acts it wasn’t so translated by the KJV translators in Acts one can only speculate, but reasonable logic would attribute it to residual influence of Catholicism. The following is a simple article I re-posted touching briefly on the history of Passover versus Easter from Bereans Online.

A Return to Orthodoxy

A History of Passover vs. Easter

“He said to them, ‘All too well you reject the commandment of God,  that you may keep your tradition.’” Mark 7:9

In the modern evangelical church, there are three days of special significance– Christmas, Easter, and the weekly Sunday “worship day”. Many Christians do not know how these days came to be of special significance – they simply assume that they have always been – and that celebrating Christmas, Easter, and Sunday “worship” are orthodox1.  Most Christians do not know that these days were not celebrated by the early church and there is no biblical basis for them – but instead they were established later in church history by the Catholic Church. Even the Roman Catholic Church does not claim these days as biblical – but rather that the Church had the authority to establish them2.

There is nothing wrong with keeping traditions in and of themselves. The danger comes when we declare our traditions as “God-given” – or even replace God-given commands with man-made traditions. So as not to be found following the “traditions of men” which oppose God’s Word, we need to reexamine what is indeed orthodox and biblical regarding what is commonly called “Easter”.