Where is America Headed?

Posted: December 22, 2012 in Devotionals

 Vance HavnerWhere is America Headed? by Vance Havner

A prophetic voice from the past . . .

(27 minutes)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi William,

    I am curious…what is the story behind this speaker and the speech?



    • William E. Males says:

      Hello Suzanne,

      Here’s his bio –

      Vance Havner (1901 – 1986) – For over 70 years, the church was blessed and challenged by the prophetic ministry of Vance Havner. His style and burden was prophetic similar to the ministry of A.W. Tozer calling the Church to revival. His influence extended to a national level, but Dr. Havner’s approach was always to minister where God directed, regardless of the size of the church. His appeal and influence transcended denominational lines, and he spoke to many different groups of people.

      Throughout his ministry, Vance Havner lived and preached that a Christian should should exhibit faithfulness to Jesus in all areas of life. He taught that the Christian should attend to, “the outliving of the inliving Christ.” Havner wrote, “To some, Christianity is an argument. To many, it is a performance. To a few, it is an experience.”

      All I can tell you for sure about the background for the message is what was listed with the sermon on sermonindex.net:
      Where is America Headed? by Vance Havner – Topic: America
      Description: This recording is pre-recorded as a digital message by Brother Johnny. It has an old-time tent meeting song and then a clip of Vance Havners message ‘Where is America Headed?’ If you can survive through some of the song it will be worth the wait for this powerful message by brother Havner.

      I often listen to these old preachers as the cry out against the wickedness creeping in America…back in the 50’s. They would be absolutely astounded at the wickedness today if they could see it now . . . I know I am. But they are the ones who knew the accountibility of being a watchman and sought to please God with their message and not men.

      Peace, William


      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you….I am having to intermittently listen to the message as it’s a kind of busy day for us girls…lol…(cooking and stuff), but I am curious to hear him.

        Terry and I have been talking about how drastically things have changed even within 10 years…when his grandparents were still alive. They would be floored at what is going on these days and how perverse things are when watching even the 6:00 pm news…i.e. prominent national news/weatherman getting married to his gay lover, the various ads for “men’s” issues, etc. Truly I couldn’t even imagine what they would think if they witnessed what is taking place just 10 years later. It is heartbreaking.


      • William E. Males says:

        Well, make sure to listen to his “Getting used to the dark,” it’ll make you weep for how far we’ve fallen.

        My prayer is that we would get a revelaltion of how exceedingly sinful sin really is.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Very valuable sermon…filled w/treasures of Truth. It is clear, precise and timely!
    Now I’m going to hear the next one.
    Thanks brother for posting these.


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