Getting used to the dark. . .

Posted: December 24, 2012 in Shared Thoughts

Vance Havner


Getting used to the dark by Vance Havner

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It is really amazing to hear this man of God speak of the wickedness of the world and the apathetic condition of the church…from a perspective decades ago. I especially like his one phrase that “The end does not justify the way, the way justifies the end.” Nowadays we have settled for so many tricks, smoke and mirrors because the Holy Ghost simply isn’t welcome or working in so many churches. As Tozer once said, the Holy Ghost could leave so many churches out there  and never disrupt a thing that was happening there…and never even be missed. Sad. Guess that what happens when we allow ourselves to become used to the dark.

  1. Terry says:

    Could you imagine what that preacher would think of the world/TV/church of today?!

    I ask groups every week when I preach (at a truck stop chapel), when was the last time they’ve heard a sermon on divorce,…fornication,…or any sin by name? 90% look at me and say, “I don’t guess I ever have?” We (the church) don’t call sin sin anymore, everything is an addiction, a disease, something out of our control. “I’m addicted to porn. I’m addicted to sex. I’m addicted to gambling. I’m addicted to drinking.”

    Jesus would have said, “Pluck your eye out, or cut your hand off, if that’s what it takes to stop sin in your life!” Jesus put the control back on the person. Today’s church would be appalled at that remark.

    What the world needs today is not a different political party or leader, it needs different preachers not afraid to speak Biblical truth. Even if it runs off a big chunk of the “church.”


    • William E. Males says:

      Amen, Brother Terry.

      I listen to these old preachers and cry out for such clear voices to once again cry out again today. But I am am certain it will take a coal from heaven to purge the deceptive leaven off the lips of even the most sincere and earnest minister today.

      We have gotten too use to the dark, may the Holy Spirit flood our hearts with the blinding light of His righteous holiness that a fresh abhorrence of sin may be quickened in our hearts, or else we may never truly flee the wrath to come.

      Live for the resurrected King!


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